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Sheltering the Homeless

Miriam House

Located in Norwalk, Miriam House is a transitional housing program that offers safe and stable housing to homeless women, pregnant women and their children.  Catholic Charities staff help residents identify issues that have contributed to their homelessness.  Clients receive resources and guidance to rebuild their lives and to develop the skills necessary to regain self-sufficiency and to secure stable, independent housing.

The Meaning Behind the Name Miriam House

The name, Miriam House, reflects the importance of Miriam, sister of Moses, who stood by him from his birth and assisted him throughout her long and dedicated life.

Women seek support at the Miriam House for a variety of reasons. Regardless of how our residents are led to Miriam House, they all share the common need for support and resources while they rebuild their lives and prepare for successful transition to permanent housing.

Seeking Shelter?

If you are seeking shelter at the Miriam House, please contact Breanna Mantz, CHW,CDCA, Catholic Charities Program Coordinator, Community Emergency Services & Miriam House at 419-663-6341 for information and more details about the Miriam House.

Learn How Miriam House Changes Lives

The number of people Catholic Charities Diocese of Toledo is serving continues to grow dramatically. “We provide the most basic human needs of food, clothing, and shelter to our communities’ most vulnerable men, women, and children across the Diocese of Toledo,” says Rodney Schuster, Executive Director of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Toledo. “We ask for your prayers to protect and lift our staff and the people we serve. We also ask for your financial support as our ministries are being dramatically stretched."

Vicki Smith, Catholic Charities Miriam House Program Coordinator, Willi Meyer, La Posada Family Shelter Activities and Facilities Manager, and Deacon Ed Irelan, Justice Ministry Coordinator, discuss the homeless services Catholic Charities offers in the Diocese of Toledo at our shelters and the "Off the Streets" program.

NORWALK, OH— Many thanks to all who joined us in supporting Miriam House's 20th Anniversary celebration! Over 100 people attended the dinner event and many who were unable to attend generously donated. The Miriam House’s 20th Anniversary “Transforming Lives,” with keynote speaker Bishop Daniel E. Thomas, was held Friday, April 9, 2021 at the Norwalk Eagles Club 771, 151 Cline Street, Norwalk, OH. Sarah, a former Miriam House resident,...