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Adult Advocacy Services

Guardianship Services

“Everyone deserves to live in dignity, in clean, safe surroundings. For a lot of people, Catholic Charities is the curbstone at the edge of the abyss.” ~David Moebius, former Operations Manager at Catholic Charities Diocese of Toledo


Catholic Charities Diocese of Toledo provides legal guardianship services for adults age 55 and older who have no appropriate family members to make decisions for their medical care and estate. Clients suffer from dementia or other illnesses that limit their decision making capacity. In most cases, clients are impoverished and have been victims of elder abuse or financial exploitation. Many lived isolated lives before entering a nursing home.

If you are aware of adults age 55 and older who may be victims of self-neglect, mistreatment or exploitation by caregivers or family members, please call 419-668-3073 or your local Adult Protective Services office.

Currently, probate courts may appoint Catholic Charities Diocese of Toledo as legal Guardianship of Person to advocate for the care of individuals in Erie, Huron, Richland and Ottawa Counties. Guardianship of Estate is offered in Erie and Huron Counties.

However, guardianship becomes much more than advocacy – over time a volunteer guardian becomes a cherished companion and a friend.

Become a Volunteer Guardian

  • Make a difference in someone’s life by being a friend to the lonely.
  • Volunteer in your retirement years to help someone in need.
  • As a family with young children, “adopt” a grandparent to provide the joy of little ones to someone who has no family to visit them.

What Volunteer Guardianship Includes:

  • Initial training and on-going support from Catholic Charities’ staff.
  • Assignment to serve one individual. Persons assigned to volunteer guardians are able to communicate and appreciate the care and compassion shown by a volunteer.
  • A commitment to visiting the individual at least once a month and being aware of his or her needs.
  • Being available 24/7 to respond to inquiries when needed from nursing home or medical staff regarding the individual's care.
  • An opportunity for people of all faiths to participate as guardians. Clients come from various faith backgrounds.
  • The opportunity to extend the love and mercy of Christ to the lonely.

Learn more:

To learn more about Guardianship Services, please call 419-668-3073.

Guardianship and Caregiver Support Group Meetings

Catholic Charities Adult Advocacy Services hosts support group meetings in Lexington, Ohio, near Mansfield for legal guardians and caregivers to elderly individuals. The support group meetings are hosted bi-monthly on the first Wednesday of the month and provide both education and an opportunity to share with others. The meetings are held from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at Resurrection Church, 2600 Lexington Ave., Lexington, Ohio 44904. The meetings are open to people of all faiths at no cost.

For more information about group meetings, please email Laura Walker at or call 419-524-0733, ext. 229.


An estimated five million, or one in 10, seniors nationally are victims of elder abuse, neglect or financial exploitation. Catholic Charities Adult Advocacy programs help protect adults age 55 and older in Huron, Erie, Richland and Ottawa Counties through legal guardianship.

MANSFIELD, OH—Volunteers and family members are invited to attend the Ohio Guardianship Association’s 16th Annual Conference to be held September 22-23, 2021 at the Holiday Inn & Suites, 116 Park Avenue West, in Mansfield, OH. "Extending Hope Through Guardianship" is the theme of this year's conference which is open to the public. Individuals interested in becoming a Catholic Charities...

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