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What We Do

Furniture Ministry

Our Furniture Ministry is located in Erie County. We accept donations of used furniture – stored in our local warehouse – which we distribute free of charge to qualifying local families or individuals to help them settle into a stable living environment.

Whether the victims of natural disasters, suffering from financial hardship, or transitioning back into productive society from incarceration or some other transitional circumstance, many people in Erie County find themselves without a bed to sleep on or a table to eat at and with no means to obtain those basic necessities. We do our best to address those needs through the generosity of donations from people like you and through the assistance of volunteers who cheerfully give their time and energy.

Do you have furniture you'd like to donate?

We provide an outlet for families or individuals looking to downsize with an excess of furniture. We are in need of beds, tables, chairs, sofas, and dressers. 

Our furniture ministry is based out of Erie County, and we are only able to pick-up donations within Erie County at this time; however, if you live outside of Erie County and have the ability to bring your gently-used furniture to us, please call 419-502-0043 to see if we can make arrangements.

Our warehouse space is limited, so if you have items you wish to donate and we are unable to accommodate you right away, please understand that it is due to limited available space and product turnover and not because we are unappreciative of your generosity.

We are also able to purchase new mattresses and bed frames with any financial contributions we receive. Thank you for your support!