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Stories of Hope

A Heart to Heart Story of Two Sisters

The Hoelzle Sisters asked for socks for their birthdays, then donated the 300 pairs of children's socks to Helping Hands of St. Louis, a ministry of Catholic Charities Diocese of Toledo!

Bernadette, pictured (left) with her mom, Rosanna, and her sister Victoria (right) decided they wanted to do something for others for their birthdays. So they asked for socks. And they were able to collect 300 pairs of children socks for our Helping Hands of St. Louis Clothing Center!

"It just goes to show you are never too young to reach out and help others," says Susan Shrewsbery. "Way to go girls!"

If you zoom into the picture, look at the bag Bernadette is holding. You'll see a little message someone wrote on it. "Happy B-Day Hoelzle Sisters! From Ella." Thank You and God Bless You and all who donated!  #HearttoHeart #StoryofHope

If you'd like to get more information about holding a donation drive for Helping Hands of St. Louis ministries, call the office number at 419.691.0613. Or email Sue Shrewsbery, Director of Helping Hands of St. Louis.