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Ohio Bishops Issue Letter on Abortion Ballot Initiative

The Catholic Bishops of Ohio have issued a letter about the proposed amendment to Ohio's Constitution for the November 2023 ballot, which threatens life in its earliest stages. They strongly encourage Catholics and all people of goodwill in Ohio to work against including the proposed amendment for the November ballot and, if it appears on the ballot, to vote against the amendment to prevent countless deaths of pre-born, innocent children.

The Catholic Conference of Ohio will work with dioceses to coordinate a campaign to promote the dignity of life at every parish in Ohio. We will also collaborate with other Ohio organizations to defeat the amendment. More information and materials will become available as we mobilize to oppose the proposed amendment in the months ahead.

Until you hear more about how you can volunteer, please join us in prayer and fasting:

God our loving Father, grant wisdom to those who govern us, compassion and courage to those who work to defend human life, and safety and care to every human being. For you alone who formed us in our mothers' wombs, and who call us home to heaven, are God, forever and ever. Amen.

Click Here to view the The Catholic Bishops of Ohio letter.