“I look back, and it’s like God was talking to me through that man. I don’t know what we’d be doing now if we hadn’t come here. Probably living in a shelter in Cleveland in the middle of who-knows-what, and I’d be worrying about my children and their safety." - Bonita, Miriam House resident

Wal-Mart angel does ‘something good’ for Norwalk’s Miriam House families

It’s hard to get the whole story because Katie Barnes is so modest, so unassuming, about the good work she does.

“I don’t do anything so special,” she says, “There are a lot of other people – a lot of other people – who help. There are a lot of generous people here in Norwalk.”

And that’s certainly true. And now, thanks to Katie Barnes, all those generous people know who they can give their cash donations to, and their bake sale proceeds, and the clothing their kids outgrow – all the while knowing that their charity is going where it can do the most good.

“We’ve kind of adopted Miriam House,” Barnes says, speaking of the Catholic Charities shelter for mothers and children located in Norwalk. “It was back around Thanksgiving of 2009 that we really started getting involved.”

With Katie Barnes, it’s always “we,” never “I.” She heard somewhere that Miriam House needed help – food for the residents, and clothes and toys for the children.

“It was sad. The kids were wearing old clothes that didn’t fit very well, and they hardly had anything to play with. Just a couple of old puzzles. So I called my friend Toni who works at Miriam House and asked her what we could do for these people. We had a fund-raiser, raised some extra money, and bought them food for Thanksgiving – potatoes, bread, fresh vegetables and fruit. Then we had them put a wish list together for Christmas. We helped get them what they needed. I remember we made them some nice Christmas cookies that first year.”

Since then, the entire Wal-Mart family, including store manager Kathleen Sullivan, has pitched in.

“I remember getting a tour of the home after Thanksgiving,” Barnes says. “It was always clean and bright, but it wasn’t luxurious by any means. One of the mothers was giving me a tour. When we got to her room, she showed me a little Christmas tree. There was nothing under it for her child, nothing there for her. That really got to me. That’s when I realized, these people have nothing. It makes you grateful for what you have, I’ll tell you that.”

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