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"I'm so grateful to Catholic Charities for all you've done. Because of you, my child stands a chance to have a good and happy life. And, I have to say, so do I." - Sondra

Supportive Housing

Catholic Charities Permanent Supportive Housing program in Lucas County assists homeless individuals and families with housing. To qualify for the program the head of household must have a qualifying disability and the family’s income has to be at or below poverty level. A qualifying disability may be a physical disability, mental illness or chemical dependency.

After the client is accepted into the program, they’re assisted in finding housing. The housing need is met through securing fair market housing. Through case management support, the client is offered the necessary tools needed to maintain housing stability and become self-sufficient again.

Once the family is housed, the case manager assists the client in developing goals to work toward self-sufficiency. These goals include housing, financial and family stability, along with personal development, lifestyle evaluation, and health and wellness.

Maintaining housing stability is a process, so, together, the case manager and client develop strategies to increase the family’s income. Increasing household income can be obtained through employment, additional education and training, or securing benefits that will provide the family with income.

The ultimate goal is for the client to gain a sense of normalcy and stability as they embark on their journey toward housing stability and gaining independence.


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To learn more about supportive housing or to apply for assistance, please call 419-244-6711.


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