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"Each child is created in the special image and likeness of God for greater things — to love and to be loved." ~ Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Forming a Parish Respect Life Committee

The Diocesan Respect Life Office is available to assist with as little or as much support as necessary by calling Peter Range 419-244-6711 ext. 220 or by e-mail prange@toledodiocese.org.

Forming a Committee

Contact the pastor about starting a Respect Life Committee in your parish and establish:

  • Issues for focus – abortion, stem cell research, assisted suicide, dignity of the human person, chastity, etc.
  • Group activities – prayer opportunities, education about issues, advocacy for legislation, etc.
  • How the group would function – meeting space, keeping the pastor informed/involved, specific events for focus, etc.

With the pastor’s permission in place, solicit group members through:

  • Bulletin announcements
  • Direct invitation
  • An informational meeting
  • Pulpit announcement
  • Website or social media sites

Possible Activities for Parish Respect Life Committees

  • Arrange for prayer services
  • Pray outside abortion clinics or Planned Parenthood sites
  • Pray outside prisons housing death penalty inmates
  • Make phone calls or send e-mails to state and federal legislators on Life Issues being addressed – find legislative contact information at www.ohiocathconf.org
  • Write editorials in local papers speaking out on behalf of Life Issues
  • Volunteer for Heartbeat or local pregnancy centers
  • Raise funds for supplies, rent, and utilities needed by families who choose life
  • Spiritual adoption – invite parishioners to spiritually adopt a child in danger of being aborted and pray throughout the nine months of pregnancy for that child. A bulletin board sharing the names chosen by those praying with pictures of a child’s development is powerful.
  • Baby shower – collect items to be used at pregnancy centers such as diapers, wipes, lotions, clothes, etc.
  • Rosary for Life – see prayer section
  • Masses for Life – preparation and permission of the pastor is essential
  • Signature ads – have parishioners sign a statement in support of life for publication in a local paper
  • Holy Hour – establish a consistent prayer opportunity of Eucharistic Adoration for Life
  • Pamphlet racks – pamphlets in keeping with church teaching can be purchased or downloaded at www.usccb.org/prolife
  • Pro-Life library – provide DVDs, CDs and reading materials on life topics
  • Sermons for Life – encourage the pastor to speak for life when appropriate
  • Local March for Life – develop a March for Life for the parish, town, or county which includes information about abortions and prayer
  • Washington D.C. March for Life – arrange to join a group going to the January 22 March or initiate a bus trip for the parish
  • Monthly bulletin life quote – place a short statement or fact about life in the parish bulletin
  • Fetal model display – place this display so parishioners can view it continuously
  • Display a Pro-Life banner – when an event offers an opportunity
  • Pro-Life booth at festivals or fairs – display information, DVD of life development, fetal model, brochures, etc.
  • March in a local parade – use a sign as a statement and handouts if possible
  • Pro-Life speakers – speakers are available through the Diocese of Toledo-Catholic Charities Office
  • Pro-Life items for youth – items that are appropriate for teens with a statement for Life
  • Booklets for Advent & Lent devotion – enriching the faith life of parishioners
  • Mother’s & Father’s Day – provide a prayer or small reminder of parents’ important role in human life
  • Memorial crosses – display small crosses as a remembrance of those aborted or affected by abortion
  • Education – arrange for presentations or flyers for the parish
  • Project Rachel announcement – assure that the parish bulletin offers the monthly contact information for those who are post-abortive
  • Knights of Columbus – link parish pro-life activities with local councils
  • Theology of the Body – arrange for a presentation or DVD on this Culture of Life topic by contacting the Diocesan Respect Life Office
  • Natural Family Planning (NFP) – arrange a presentation on this Culture of Life topic by contacting the Diocesan Offices at 1-800-926-8277 (outside of Toledo) or 419-244-6711 (in the Toledo area)

Respect Life Committee Leadership

  • Committee Leader – facilitates the meeting, connects with the pastor, and communicates with the Diocesan Respect Life Office
  • Secretary – records the minutes of the meeting which helps assure accuracy of the information shared
  • Information Officer/Committee – researches life issues prior to meetings that might be addressed
  • Prayer Coordinator – selects and leads prayer for each meeting which includes an opening and closing prayer
  • Fellowship Officer/Committee – provides light snacks at meetings for an opportunity for fellowship within the group
  • Communications Coordinator/Committee – writes announcements and information for the bulletin, website / social media, newspaper, etc.

Suggested Outline for Monthly Respect Life Meetings

  • Opening prayer
  • Information concerning Life Issues
  • Discussion open to all members
  • Decision on the action to be taken to address Life Issues
  • Closing prayer
  • Fellowship (Fellowship may also be initiated at the beginning or within the meeting.)

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