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"They really help you. They get involved. They get you on the right track. I've had wonderful caseworkers. I am so grateful to them. What really helped me was the budgeting class they give. It let me know how to handle my money better, so things don't get out of control."

Nowhere Else to Turn

When Traci lost her job due to an unexpected illness, Catholic Charities helped her family get back on track.

Traci is a young widow from Mansfield who’s working to support her daughter and her two grandchildren.  “I was working a good job, but I got sick and needed surgery.  They kept me on the payroll for a while, but then they couldn’t any longer.  Eventually even my unemployment ran out.”

Placing children at risk

[singlepic id=42 w=320 h=240 float=right]“I had no job, no place else to go. I didn’t know what to do.  You don’t just lose your home if you’ve lost your job and have two little granddaughters depending on you.  You lose them too.  A friend of mine said I should call Catholic Charities to ask if they could help.  I never even heard of them before that.  But I thank God she said that, because they’ve been wonderful.”

What makes Catholic Charities different, Traci said, is that they don’t just tell you to fill out forms and get in line.  They actually work with you to make sure you’re doing what you need to do.  “They helped me with my rent and told me about the pantry so I could get some help putting food on my table.”

‘I wanted to tell people thank you’

“They visited me at home, found out what was going on and what I needed.  Then they helped my daughter get signed up for school.  And when they found that I’d suffered the loss of my husband, they even suggested I sign up for grief counseling.

“They really help you.  They get involved.  They get you on the right track. I’ve had wonderful caseworkers.  I am so grateful to them.

“What really helped me was the budgeting class they give.  It let me know how to handle my money better, so things don’t get out of control.”

Asked what she would say to the people who support Catholic Charities, Traci paused.  Her eyes welled up with tears.  “That’s why I said I would let you do a story about me.  I wanted to tell people thank you.  This is a wonderful group of people.  If not for you, people like me who don’t have a job, who don’t have anywhere to turn, would be lost.

“God blesses everyone who helps others.  I know he will bless you.”

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