“Finally a friend told me about La Posada. I came and I was surprised because it doesn’t look like a shelter. It looks just like a home.” ~ Marquita

Marquita and Her Miracle

It’s moving day for Marquita – big time.  After 90 days, she and her 8-year-old daughter, Miracle, are moving out of La Posada, the Catholic Charities family shelter in Toledo, and into their own apartment.

And then tomorrow she’s moving into a secure, well-paying job on the production line at GM’s Powertrain transmission plant on Alexis Road.

“I’m very excited,” she says, “None of this would be happening without Jeanelle and all the people here at La Posada.[singlepic id=18 w=320 h=240 float=right]

“It’s going to feel great.  We haven’t had our own place since November.”

Doing the unemployment shuffle

“I moved to Columbus to live with a cousin down there and look for work.  But it didn’t work out, so I stayed with my sister up here for a while and then I was moving all around, staying wherever I could.

“It was bad for my daughter.I could see she was suffering from low self-esteem, probably because of how I felt.  It’s hard depending on other people for everything, especially when you’re used to working.

“Finally a friend told me about La Posada.  I came and I was surprised because it doesn’t look like a shelter.  It looks just like a home.

“I was so glad when they told me we could stay.  They’ve been so good to me.  Honestly, none of this would be happening if I hadn’t been here.  They’ve helped me so much.”

“No feeling sorry for yourself”

Asked what she would have done without La Posada, she pauses and her smile fades.  “We’d probably be in the same position, living house to house, depressed, not able to get it together to look for a job.

“That’s the thing about this place and these people.  They don’t let you just lay around and feel sorry for yourself.  They’re after you to get out there and make things happen.  And so you do.

“It’s going to feel so great not having to stay with anybody.

“I’ll always be grateful for what we were given here.  I won’t ever forget it.”

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