“I will never forget what the Miriam House staff members did to help me become a better person. In a way, they saved my life." ~ Angie, Miriam House resident

Making it on Her Own

For Angie, Catholic Charities’ Miriam House in Norwalk was a chance to get her life together. “My whole life did a 180 because of everyone there.”

Angie now works as a legal assistant and loves her job. But it was quite a struggle to get to where she is now.

Everything Was Going Wrong

Angie lost her job after taking time off due to illness. Without income,she lost her car too. All of the stress made it even more difficult to find a job. One thing after another was going wrong for Angie. She spent half a year moving from place to place until a friend told her about Miriam House.

“I was scared, actually, at first. The staff members were very supportive and kind to me and helped me out in so many ways.”

After moving into Miriam House in July of 2010, it took Angie two months to find a job. She worked the night shift at a nursing home and had to ride her bike or walk to her job no matter what the weather conditions were.

Eventually Angie was able to begin classes to become a state tested nursing assistant. She took the classes while still working nights at the nursing home and doing her chores at Miriam House. Once she was certified, Angie was able to maintain a full-time job at the nursing home.

Becoming a Responsible Adult

[singlepic id=50 w=320 h=240 float=right]Angie stayed at Miriam House for eight months. When she moved in, she says she did not know how to live as a responsible adult. The staff at Miriam House taught her how to manage her finances, take care of herself, and become self-sustaining.

“I did feel accomplished and proud of myself, but also grateful for the help I received in the Miriam House.”

Angie felt really down and emotional at times. With everything going on, she needed someone to talk to. The staff listened to Angie and they found her a free counselor. “They helped me get a different outlook on myself and my life.

“I will never forget what the Miriam House staff members did to help me become a better person. In a way, they saved my life. They taught me responsibility and were kind and caring to me when I was at the lowest of the lows. I now have the tools to take care of myself, which in turn is making it easier to want to be the best I can be at all times.”

Things Start Coming Together

After working full-time for a month and a half, Angie made enough money to get an apartment and Miriam House staff helped her find furniture. She saved up her money and bought a car, too.

“They treated us like human beings, with kindness and respect. They are very good people there.”

Angie was able to move closer to her family and obtained her current job as a legal assistant.

“I am so grateful to the staff members.They never gave up on me and that was pretty awesome.”

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