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“A friend told me about La Posada. I came and I was surprised because it doesn’t look like a shelter. It looks just like a home. I was so glad when they told me we could stay. They’ve been so good to me. Honestly, none of this would be happening if I hadn’t been here. They’ve helped me so much.” – Marquita, La Posada resident

La Posada’s families are more than just numbers

It’s easy to think of the work of Catholic Charities in statistical terms – the numbers of people assisted, meals served, families sheltered, children adopted.

But one morning several weeks ago, those numbers sprang to life on the main floor of La Posada, our family emergency shelter in South Toledo, as more than a dozen residents gathered to meet the new agency director and to tell him how they feel about being there.  The individuals on hand – male and female, adults and children – told stories of finding themselves suddenly out of work, staying with relatives, living in cars or on the street.

“I went from having a job and making payments, to nothing – almost overnight,” Yolanda said, cradling Anthony, her big-eyed two-year-old on her lap.  “It was startling.  I wasn’t used to asking people for anything.  But what was I going to do?  I junked my car for the two hundred bucks I needed to stay in a hotel for a while.  But then I didn’t have a car.I thought, how is this happening to me?  I never thought I’d be one of those homeless people – but there I was.”

It was when she found La Posada that things started turning around.

“They helped me sign up for extension classes, so I could get some skills for a better job.  I’ve gained knowledge, too, on budgeting, on nutrition, on how to use my resources so I’m able to get the most out of them.  Some things I hadn’t thought about.”

Catholic Charities Case Manager Janelle Addie confirmed that La Posada’s residents often seem surprised – “shellshocked,” as she put it – to find themselves among the homeless.

“That’s not typically how people see themselves.  Nobody thinks, ‘I want to be homeless when I grow up.’  But it can happen – and does these days, to more people than we’d ever like to think.”

Evanbay, holding a squirming and beautiful five-month-old baby girl in his lap, talked about how a man feels when he’s not able to provide for his family.

“It’s a difficult thing – emotionally.  But here, they don’t let you hang around feeling down,” he said.  “They help you take definite steps so you’re able to get a plan to do what you need to do to survive.  That way you’re able to stay together as a family, and that’s what it’s all about,” he said.

“This place means peace of mind for me,” said Amanda.  “I was homeless for a while.  Being here means I have a place to lie down every night, which is a big burden off me.”

When asked what kind of additional help they receive from La Posada – apart from shelter and meals – Missie jumped in.

“They don’t let you get down in the dumps,” she said.  “They help you do for yourself – get some schooling, find a job, save up rent, look for an apartment.  They want you to get out into the community and provide for yourself.  This place is such a blessing.  When I needed it most, when I had nobody left in the world, you guys took me in and helped.  And I will never, ever forget it.”

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