Guess The Picture: This Picture is from One of Our Ministry Locations... Do You Know Where?

Were you able to guess the location of this painting?

If you guessed the Helping Hands of St. Louis Clothing Center,
you are correct!

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Helping Hands of St. Louis Clothing Center

Volunteers sort donations at the Helping Hands of St. Louis Clothing Center.The picture was taken at the Helping Hands Clothing Center during the preparation of the annual BYOBB (Bring Your Own Big Bag) Event held every fall by the center’s volunteers.

The Helping Hands of St. Louis Clothing Center operates out of the old St. Louis Church in East Toledo and is adjacent to Helping Hands’ soup kitchen and food pantry.  The clothing center is open two mornings a week and is run entirely by volunteers.  The idea itself was proposed by volunteers who saw a need for a free clothing center in East Toledo.

“It was full of black bags when I started working in this building three years ago,” says Anita, volunteer for Helping Hands.  “It was eight, ten bags deep you couldn’t walk from the front to the back,” adds another volunteer, Joan.

Those black bags, stored throughout the St. Louis Church, were filled with clothing donations that Helping Hands received over the years.

With the help of volunteers and youth group organizations within the Diocese of Toledo, Anita and Joan were able to sort through the chaotic “mountain” of black bags and organize the donations into a tidy clothing center that officially opened July 2011.  Since then, the center has served thousands of Toledo residents in need of clothing, shoes, and much more.

The donations are neatly placed on clothing racks and divided by size, age group, and other categories.  Clients who come to the center are now able to sort through donations with ease and peace of mind.

Fun Fact: St. Louis Church in East Toledo was built in 1871 and was originally a French-speaking church. The church was named after the 13th Century French King, Saint King Louis IX. Comme c’est intéressant!

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