“I’ve realized that God wanted me to live. Not only have I been saved once, but I’ve also been saved twice." ~ Brianne

God Wanted Me to Live

One hour before being taken off life-support, Brianne’s heart miraculously started beating on its own. She had been on life-support for three and a half months before her family made the decision to pull the plug.

“I woke up to a different world”

Before that, Brianne had suffered through a massive heart attack at age 26, followed by a stroke that caused her to go blind in her right eye and multiple open-heart surgeries. After waking up, her whole life was turned upside down.

“I woke up and realized I couldn’t walk.” Due to being on life-support for three and a half months, Brianne lost her job and with no income she lost her house, too.

New Problems

“My teeth were decaying and painful due to all the medications. The doctors told me if I didn’t have them out within a year, I could die from the (gum disease and gingivitis) infections that were in my mouth.”

Brianne saw a Catholic Charities’ pamphlet about getting financial help with medications. She had never heard of Catholic Charities before but decided to call and ask for help. She attended a workshop about medications and when she mentioned her problems with infections, Laurie of Catholic Charities in Mansfield listened and told Brianne that Catholic Charities could help.

Brianne said, “I was scared and really embarrassed. Before having my teeth removed, trying to face family and friends looking the way I did with my rotted teeth was a sheer nightmare. Without having my teeth removed, I would have died, and that’s a scary thing.”

Family dentists wouldn’t treat Brianne because of the risk with her heart. Laurie connected her with oral surgeons at a dental school and Catholic Charities was able to help with funding the procedure and her new smile.

“God was looking over me. I feel much better physically since having my teeth removed because I am no longer in the tremendous amount of pain I was in,” said Brianne, now age 34.

Saved Again

“I’ve realized that God wanted me to live. Not only have I been saved once, but I’ve also been saved twice. Now I have more confidence in myself because I have a beautiful smile. I feel amazing. I feel like a whole different person – I am a different person really. I know that there’s actually someone out there that does care”

“Don’t ever give up when there is hope out there. There is an angel somewhere and Catholic Charities has been my angel. They have really been a blessing to me.”

“Catholic Charities has given me a chance to live, and I pray each day and thank God for Laurie and the Catholic Charities organization for all their help and support. Without Catholic Charities in my life, I might not be here today.”


“I finally have my smile back and it means the world to me. I can finally regain confidence through my smile and not feel ashamed to speak.”

“Thank God for Catholic Charities. I feel I have my life back now. I thank God and all those involved that I will live a healthy, strong life.”

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