Feb. 9 Prayer Vigil for Life at ProMedica Headquarters

TOLEDO, OH—To show support for life, people of all faiths are invited to join our ecumenical Prayer Vigil for Life on Saturday, February 9, at 2 p.m., at ProMedica Headquarters, 100 Madison Avenue in Toledo.

The prayer vigil is being held to peacefully encourage the Board of Directors of ProMedica Hospital to walk away from their transfer agreement with Capital Care Network, Toledo’s only abortion facility.

“It doesn’t make sense that a hospital in the business of saving lives, partners with a facility which soul aim is to end human life, the life of the unborn child,” says Peter Range, Director of Catholic Charities Diocese of Toledo Office for Life and Justice.

Nick De La Torre will lead us in song and worship and we’ll have a few special guests to share the truth in love: that a hospital which saves lives shouldn’t partner with a facility that ends human life.

Over 13,000 signatures support asking ProMedica President and CEO Randy Oostra and the ProMedica Board of Directors to reconsider this transfer agreement.

Please visit www.petition.life to sign the petition which states: “I believe a prestigious healthcare provider like ProMedica should not support an abortion facility that ENDS life rather than SUSTAINS it.” Join the local movement to end abortion in Northwest Ohio, starting with challenging our hospitals to fulfill their core mission – to focus solely on saving lives!

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