Budgeting in the Right Direction

Below is a letter from former client, Nicolle Kelley, expressing gratitude for the help she received to bring financial stability to her family.

Nicolle was a client of the Community Emergency Services offered at Catholic Charities in Norwalk.  In addition to providing emergency rent assistance, the program includes a workshop to teach clients about budgeting, identity theft, credit reporting and other useful information to help in making informed decisions about financial issues.

Since attending the workshop, Nicolle has changed her shopping habits, moved into a more affordable house, started volunteering and attends church weekly.

Thanks to you – our donors – we are able to make programs like this possible.

Our family is very thankful and grateful that we were able to receive the assistance that you all so kindly helped us with in our time of need. Marla was the woman that helped us and was wonderful.  We thank you all for your help, and the class I took in budgeting helped us tremendously.

So far with what I have learned by coming here, I have actually been able to budget shop and save a little bit of money for extras or emergencies.  Thank you all very much and God bless every one of you…

I honestly believe that having needed help and coming to Catholic Charities and being treated with nothing but respect, kindness, and caring, and getting the help we needed, has helped me and my family in more ways than with just the rental assistance.

I feel as if I am a better person inside and out since coming to your facility.  We have been able to budget a great deal better than we had before, and it opened us to attending church regularly again, which we are very excited about.

I am just trying to express how thankful and grateful we are knowing that there are good organizations and people left in today’s society …

Thank you all so much!  I have learned a lot from this program and am very grateful that it is out there for people in need.  I believe this is an excellent program that you have, God bless each and every one of you.  I wanted to express to you how much you have helped our family and how we are so grateful for it.  It opened my eyes and my heart and now I am doing volunteer work to help out others in need!

God bless and thank you,

Nicolle Kelley

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