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A Father's Will to Provide

After losing his job, Greg, a single father of four, was evicted from his home and lost everything. While trying to become stable again, Greg said Helping Hands of St. Louis helped his family get through the tough times.

“How does it make me feel sometimes as a father not being able to take care of my family?” Greg asked with sorrow hidden in his voice.

“I feel bad. I feel real bad. Because I had a good job, and I lost it when my company got shipped to Indiana,” Greg said.

“I’ve been doing temp service jobs and any job I can to make money. Having a pay cut, it’s been bad … hectic,” he says as he shakes his head in defeat.

“I got evicted from my home and all my kids’ clothes and my clothes were tossed out. It was wintertime, and the trash men came and took everything.”

Since then, Greg moved in with his mother. He has tried to replace his family’s belongings that were lost after the eviction, but it has been difficult.

“You know, it’s like I’m trying. I’m struggling. I feel terrible knowing my kids used to have good things like video games and all that stuff.”

Greg had once heard about Helping Hands from a friend who volunteered for the East Toledo center. Helping Hands provides food and clothing to hundreds of low-income individuals and families each day through its on-site soup kitchen, clothing center and food pantry.

In the midst of his struggle, Greg turned to the staff at Helping Hands and told them about his situation. They were willing to assist.

“They knew I got evicted, and they gave me extra clothes for my kids – including school clothes.”

During the summer months, Greg brings his children to the soup kitchen for meals when money is tight. He says the center has also helped him with diapers for his youngest son and other services when he is in financial need.

“The staff and volunteers make me feel welcomed. They’re nice and I never had a problem,” said Greg.

“I would like to thank the volunteers and donors for everything! I just thank them because they helped me a lot.”

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