Thanks for the Backpacks & School Supplies!

TOLEDO, OH—La Posada Emergency Family Shelter and Helping Hands of St. Louis, both ministries of Catholic Charities Diocese of Toledo, offers big thanks to all who donated backpacks and school supplies for children who are currently residing in the shelter, were La Posada house guests this past year, are currently in Permanent Supportive Housing, or part of a family served at Helping Hands of St. Louis.

Children received these school-year specific items at Catholic Charities 7th Annual Housing Support Picnic on Monday, August 5. Helping Hands of St. Louis will continue to distribute available school supplies to needy families through August 30. Parents are asked to bring in their child’s school supply list to Helping Hands, 443 Sixth St., Toledo, OH.

School Supply Wish List: Backpack + School Supplies Backpacks, 2# Pencils, Pens (black & blue), 24-pack Crayons, Scissors, Elmer’s Glue, Pencil/Pen Pouches, Glue Sticks, Pocket Folders, 12-pack Colored Pencils, 8-pack Colored Washable Markers, Erasers, Highlighters, Loose Notebook paper (150 & 500 count), Dry Erase Markers, 12″ Rulers, 1″ Binders, One Subject Spiral Notebooks, Index Cards, Composition Notebooks, Scientific Calculators.

Churches, service groups, organizations and businesses interested in volunteering or hosting events and donation drives are asked to please contact Willi Meyer, Catholic Charities Senior Residential Specialist at La Posada  Emergency Family Shelter, at 419.244.5931; or email him at Or contact Sue Shrewsbery, Director of Helping Hands of St. Louis, at 419.691.0613, ext. 101, or email her at Thank you for your support of Catholic Charities ministries!



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