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Standing Tall and at Peace

At 22-years-old, I was pressured into having an abortion. I was a strong, good, Catholic young woman. I was not the kind of girl that found herself in this sort of situation. I lost hope, and I lost faith. I felt alone in the world. After months of struggling with the heartbreak of my loss, I looked for help. The first place I found was the last place I thought it would be – the Catholic Church. From my initial contact, I was respected, comforted and uplifted by the team at Project Rachel. I quickly met a wonderful, strong woman who had been through similar experiences. To this day, she is still an active influence in my life. After the creation of Fountain of Mercy, a support group for post-abortive women, I began to forgive myself and find my faith again.

I have learned that once done, abortion is something that can never be undone. However, with my faith, the support of Project Rachel, meeting other women with similar experiences, and finding the power to forgive – my life can be happy. I will always remember the life that was taken from me. I will always miss what I will never have with my child, but I have faith that through my life I can stand tall and at peace.

The healing I have done with the help of Project Rachel has been invaluable. I thank God everyday that I found the support I have and so quickly after my own experience. Too many women wait to find love, support and healing. Too many women wait – afraid, ashamed and heartbroken. Through my own experience I will tell you, waiting isn’t worth it. There are people that will love, protect and help you heal.

Project Rachel is a healing ministry to help women and men struggling with feelings of sorrow, regret, grief, isolation or confusion after an abortion – whether the abortion was recent or many years ago. Local confidential help is available to anyone and trained volunteers are ready to help you find peace and healing.

To contact Project Rachel, please call the local confidential Help Line at 1-888-456-HOPE or projectrachel@toledodiocese.org.



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Project Resurrection

A group of 30 young men in Norwalk decided to make the Easter season special for 30 seniors served by Catholic Charities.

The Norwalk Squires of Circle 4552, a group of young men ages 13 to 17 associated with the Knights of Columbus, delivered small gifts and Easter cards to senior citizens in the Catholic Charities Guardianship program.

The Squires called it Project Resurrection, an idea presented by the circle’s Chief Squire, Matthew Schild.[singlepic id=884 w=320 h=240 float=right]

“Since we participated in Project Bethlehem during Christmas time, Matt thought we should do something similar during Easter,” said Paul Depinet, the Squires’ counselor.

Catholic Charities staff members, Allison McDonald, Marjorie Cassidy and Carol Wheeler, compiled a list of 30 guardianship clients who resided in eight different nursing home facilities in Clyde, Bellevue, Milan, Norwalk and Sandusky for the Squires to visit and deliver gifts.

Catholic Charities provides legal guardianship services for adults age 55 and older who suffer from dementia or other illnesses that limit their decision making capacity. Seniors in the program have no appropriate family to make decisions for their medical care and estate.

“It was lovely to witness young men take time to extend compassion to an elderly individual,” said Carol Wheeler, Program Coordinator for Catholic Charities’ Adult Advocacy Services.

The young men who participated in Project Resurrection said the program had a positive impact on their lives. Many of them expressed how they would like to do Project Resurrection again and how nice it was to visit the elderly.

“I remember visiting several people who were very thankful for visiting them and bringing them something,” said Squire Matt in his refection about the visits. “We also saw and visited other people there, and they were grateful.  Many of these people do not get visits very often or not at all. We should not only visit them for the Easter season, but we should try to have it [Project Resurrection] year round.”

Squire Sam said his favorite part about Project Resurrection was “brightening the seniors citizens’ day and seeing their reaction to our presence.”

Sam goes on to say, “It was a great experience because I believe it had a positive impact on my life.”

“The seniors were delighted to have young people visit and engage in conversation with them. It meant the world to our clients who live in nursing homes with little visitation from family or friends,” Carol said.

Learn more about our Guardianship Program and how to become a volunteer.

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