Keeping Their Hope Alive

When KC and Danny moved to Toledo, they hoped that the city would give their family a new perspective on life. “We’re from Alabama. We decided to relocate, thinking we would find better jobs,” says KC.

Danny spent ten years incarcerated in the south and found it hard to find stability after being released. “KC and I struggled to get our lives together as a family,” Danny says.

“I have nobody as far as family to support that,” he added. “There were no real opportunities in Alabama. The only thing we could do was risk trying to go somewhere else and hope there was something better.”[singlepic id=872 w=320 h=240 float=right]

With few options left, KC and Danny moved north with their son, DJ, in search of a better situation.

“I have family in Toledo, and we came here to give Danny a better start,” KC adds.

In an unexpected turn of events, KC and Danny’s living arrangement fell through, and they were in need of housing. They found help at La Posada where the family could stay together in their own private room.

While at La Posada, KC and Danny attended several classes and workshops for guests of the shelter. Topics included self-esteem, tenant readiness, budgeting, saving for the future, nutrition and parenting.

Helping DJ

“Our son has ADHD and one doctor suspects Asperger’s, but they’re going to do more testing to be sure,” KC explains.

Help for DJ was slim in their hometown and the couple found it hard to find special schools and programs for him to attend.

KC says the staff at La Posada found ways to support DJ and helped them find the right school program. There is even a tutor at La Posada who works with DJ.

“Jeanelle is our advocate. She helped me understand that there is more help out there for DJ than I realized.”

“The staff are great with him. Most people don’t take to DJ like that or understand his limitations. The staff here get down to his level because they know that’s where they need to be. I think that helps him because he doesn’t feel different.”

Where to go from here

Thanks to your support, the family found at La Posada what they had so desperately needed – hope and a new beginning.

“You can’t go wrong with supporting a place like this,” Danny says. “If one door closes, they always show you where one is open. They keep hope and give us great motivation to keep moving.”

Our Mission

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